OpenUI5 v1.20.4 released


A new major release of OpenUI5 is available. So clear your browser cache. It is now version 1.20.4 and again it is ahead of SAPUI5 which in the meanwhile also reached 1.20.3 version number.

A summary of the new features can be found in the official OpenUI5 blog post „New OpenUI5 version 1.20 released!“ and the release nodes here.

From my personal point of view the main changes are:

  • Full support for Window 8 Devices (mouse & touch). Hopefully without any performance degradation for the other platforms
  • Update of some of main used 3rd party libraries (jQuery to 1.10.2, jQuery UI  to 1.10.4)
  • Native scrolling for supported mobile devices
  • Reworked Developer Guide

The „migration“ from v1.18 to v1.20 (let put it in to quotation marks, as it was only a change of a URL  or deploying different war file or doing nothing if you using the official bootstrap URL) happened without any incidence at least for my running apps. Perfect!

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